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Fresh Fruit Smoothie Bowls

Power your day with our delicious bowls. Real whole fruit blended to perfection, and our delicious gluten free granola topping.聽

100% pureed fresh fruit. By using聽 cold processing (HPP)聽 technology, our smoothie bowls maintain the flavour and freshness of freshly blended fruit.

Without the addition of water, sugar or preservatives these treats are perfect for snacking, as dessert or breakfast.

Our smoothies are packed with so much fresh fruit they are best for spooning with added toppings for a delicious crunch!

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smoothie bowl mango coconut turmeric hungry monkey

Mango Turmeric with Crunchy Granola

Ripe mango chunks fresh fruit Hungry Monkey

Ripe mango

Coconut Hungry Monkey

Coconut milk

Turmeric goodness Hungry Monkey

Turmeric goodness

lemons Hungry Monkey


granola hungry monkey

Gluten-free granola

Red Berries with Crunchy Cranberry Granola

Tasty strawberries Hungry Monkey

Fresh strawberries

Plump Raspberries fresh fruit Hungry Monkey

Fresh raspberry

Fresh blueberries Hungry Monkey

Fresh blueberries

granola hungry monkey

Gluten-free granola

Delicious apple red chunks Hungry Monkey

Fresh apple

smoothie bowl red fruits hungry monkey
icon GMO free Hungry Monkey
icon vegan Hungry Monkey
icon upcycled Hungry Monkey
icon planet positive Hungry Monkey
icon no artificial sweetners Hungry Monkey
icon plant based hungry monkey
icon family owned Hungry Monkey
icon cold pressed Hungry Monkey
icon no artificial flavours or colours Hungry Monkey
icon high in fiber Hungry Monkey