We are on a mission to help everyone eat better, feel better, and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

This is the story of a monkey, a logo header Hungry Monkey who finds it hard to get a healthy snack amidst his busy day. Between commuting and work, the gym, friends and family, and all the demands on his day, this monkey wants to have a tasty healthy snack, just as fresh as the fruit he craves from his jungle days… yet in the urban jungle, eating fruit is not always as easy as he would like. This monkey tries to get his fruit, but fails, so we have made it easy for him to get all the taste with none of the hassle.

We are Demian and Ursula, food scientists and marketers who have worked for over 20 years in the food industry around the world learning about how to create exciting products that can be enjoyed by many.

We have extended our marketing and innovation passion into creating Hungry Monkey, a brand with a mission to make products that we feel proud about, snacks and meals that are as tasty as they are nutritious and that make everyone eat better, feel better and enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle easily while taking care of our planet.

We hope you enjoy our products and share them with loved ones. Follow us in social media and let us know what you like about Hungry Monkey, we鈥檇 love to hear your thoughts and be part of your life! 聽

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