Preserving the Future: Our Commitment to the planet

90% manufacturing energy renewable sources Hungry Monkey

In TOTAL 90% of all manufacturing energy consumed by Hungry Monkey is from renewable sources. When it comes to sustainability, we don’t monkey around!

Upcycled apple 20% raw materials fresh ingredients healthy planet Hungry Monkey


 20% of the raw materials in our Fresh Fruit bars are upcycled fresh ingredients, that other way would go to waste. Healthy planet, healthy monkeys!

Solar Energy 13% panel Hungry Monkey

Solar Energy

Of total production energy comes from solar panels. We monkeys love the sun!

Recyclable 100% reused Hungry Monkey


Our packaging is 100% recyclable, monkeys around can easily dispose them to be reused.

Current pots incorporate at least 50% RPET 4. Our boxes are made with recycled cardboard.

Raw materials sourced locally 80% Hungry Monkey

Raw Materials

Of our raw materials are sourced locally (Portugal and Spain).

Delicious apples 25% water family owned bars Hungry Monkey

Delicious Apples

Of after-production water is transferred to holding lakes to be used for irrigation of locally, family-owned production orchards for more delicious apples to make our bars!

Renewable sources energy 87% Hungry Monkey

Renewable Sources

Of the total energy is from Renewable Sources.