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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Hungry Monkey we are on a mission to help everyone eat better, feel better, and enjoy a more healthful and vibrant life. We have carefully designed all our products to be as tasty as nutritious using the latest cold press technology

    In 2020 we decided to start Food Forward Snacks, a company dedicated to develop the next generation of tasty, healthy snacks. We have carefully designed each product to be as tasty as nutritious.

    We knew we wanted to offer fresh fruit products in convenient, easy to eat formats for all snacking occasions to cater to our busy lifestyles. No added weird stuff, we like going to bed with the piece of mind that the products we offer are as good for our family as they are for yours and for the planet. We don鈥檛 make anything we wouldn鈥檛 feel proud about.

    All Hungry Monkey products are聽 made with nothing but the best ingredients, including fresh fruit, fresh veggies, oats, almond, chia seeds, dates and agave nectar. By using a cold process called high pressure pasteurization (HPP), all harmful bacteria are eliminated while maintaining聽 the flavour and freshness of freshly blended ingredients and preserving all its properties such as vitamins. We never use any type of thermal processing in our products, as it eliminates many of its natural properties.

    Without the addition of water, sugar or preservatives these treats are perfect for snacking, as dessert or breakfast as they maintain all the goodness of the fresh ingredients for up to 65 days when chilled and up to 24 hours on the go.

    All our products are made in Portugal in the beautiful area of Alcoba莽a. Thanks to its ideal climate conditions and its well drained, nutrient-rich soils, Alcoba莽a is a leading apple farming area in Europe, where apples are produced in a way that respects nature.

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